Upper Big Blue NRD: Groundwater Levels Fell 4.38 Feet on Average


This past year the water levels in observation wells show that the groundwater level has declined over 4 feet since last spring and is approaching the "allocation trigger".

According to the Upper Big Blue Natural Resource District, findings from their measurements of 514 observation wells across the district show the average groundwater level is only about 3 feet above the allocation trigger.

Once water levels hit that level, groundwater users will have to use flowmeters and groundwater allocation will begin.

The NRD has rulesand regulations that mandates producers install flowmeters on existing wells if the groundwater level hits the allocationtrigger. When the allocation trigger is reached producers have until the following year to install a flowmeter or they will not be able to pump any water until one is installed.

New wells and replacements wells installed after March 1, 2004 require a flowmeter.

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