US Dept. of Interior Reminds Hunters About Important Regulations


During recent hunting seasonsin Nebraska, many violations have been reported in the Waterfowl Production Areas covering the Rainwater Basin region of south central Nebraska.

Hunting in these areasis allowed according to current State of Nebraska regulations.

Some special regulations that hunters must follow include: waterfowl hunters must possess a Nebraska Hunt Permit, Nebraska HabitatStamp, Nebraska Waterfowl Stamp, HIP registration number, and a Federal DuckStamp.

As ahunter it is your responsibility to know the regulations. Waterfowlhunters are not allowed to fit more than three shells in their gun. If you forget your plug don't be afraid touse a stick or other object that can serve the same purpose.

Lastly, it is important to know what you'reshooting. Waterfowl hunters are onlyallowed to take a certain number of each species and shooting ducks beforeidentifying them is unacceptable and often results in illegal ducks. When hunting in groups, it's important tokeep track of your birds because each hunter is only allowed to harvest theirlimit.

Non-toxic shot is required for upland game and waterfowlhunting on WPAs. Unlike waterfowl hunters,upland game hunters can use lead shot on private lands.

If hunting on a federal WPA take the time andgo through your hunting vest to look for and remove any lead shot that may havemistakenly been left in a pocket.

If you observe a violationof these regulations, or any other violations of federal, state, or local lawsor regulations, please report them immediately.

Call the Nebraska Wildlife CrimestoppersHotline at 1-800-742-7627 or your local County Sheriff by calling 911. Information such as a legal description,violation observed, and identifying information such as a license plate will behelpful in contacting the suspect. Do not jeopardize your safety in any way toobtain this information.

For more information about theRainwater Basin WMD including additional hunting regulations, managementactivities, current water conditions, and maps you can call (308) 263-3000,visit our website at or stop by our office located onFunk WPA, 73746 V Rd., Funk, NE. Our officehours are Monday through Friday 8:00-4:30.