U.S. District Judge in Lincoln Done with Blog that Received National Attention

Judge Richard Kopf

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- A U.S. district judge in Lincoln who once wrote that it was "time to tell Congress to go to hell" has decided to end his blog.

Judge Richard Kopf says his "Hercules and the umpire" blog has exceeded his wildest expectations, so "it is time to kill it."

Kopf says he's written all that he wants to write in the 416 posts since the blog began in February.

In October he wrote during the partial government shutdown that he was fed up and that it was "time to tell Congress to go to hell."

But he said in his farewell post Wednesday that no one gave him "the slightest trouble" about expressing himself on the blog and said he was "quitting voluntarily and without a nudge from anyone."

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