U.S. Senate Candidate Sets Up Shop, Files Campaign Papers In Kearney


While focusing his sights on the Third District, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ben Sasse steps away from his hometown of Fremont, to file for federal office in Kearney.

Sasse put pen to paper at the Buffalo County Election Office on Thursday, officially filing to run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Mike Johanns.

He's the first, and only Republican candidate to file outside Lincoln, saying that by doing so he can focus more on central Nebraska.

"We believe that every county, all 93 counties matter, and we're working a hard grass roots campaign and we're spending so much time in central Nebraska," said Sasse. "We just thought it made sense to make sure our volunteers had a place to go to do their work; since we're opening an office, we wanted to file here as well."

Election officers say this is also a unique opportunity for the office to witness something besides county elections.

"It's nice we get to meet the people that are filing for a federal office or even a state office that aren't from around here," said Buffalo County Election Commissioner Lisa Poff. "So we get to meet them, see what they're like, normally that wouldn't happen. You get to know or get to figure out people pretty quickly when you meet them."

Sasse's paperwork was faxed to Lincoln after signing, but his campaign has seven days to file the original paper work to Nebraska Secretary of State Office.

Before signing those papers, Sasse met with supporters and volunteers at a new office in Kearney, located in the Century 21 building on Second Avenue.

The office will be staffed with two full-time employees and several interns six days a week.

In addition to this location, Sasse also has offices in Lincoln and his hometown of Fremont.