USDA Forecasting Record Breaking Harvest This Year


This year's corn crop is the largest Nebraska and the country have ever seen, and exceeds earlier government projections.

In its crop report released Friday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast Nebraska to produce a record 1.61 billion bushel corn harvest this year.

"Shouldthose production estimates hold through the balance of harvest, Nebraskafarmers will produce a bin busting crop following the impact of a couple yearsof significant drought," said Kelly Brunkhorst, director of research for theNebraska Corn Board.

Brunkhorstsaid the USDA increased its yield estimate for Nebraska up from 164 bushelsper acre in September. With nearly 80 percent of the crop harvested, good yields have many feeling confident in this year's harvest.

The national yield estimate is looking good as well. The USDA has estimated yields at 160.4 bushels per acre, up from last year's yield of123.4.

That would lead to a record 13.99billion bushel harvest.