USDA Projects Nebraska Farmers to Produce 1.6 Billion Bushels of Corn this Fall


Experts are expecting Nebraska farmers to produce over 1.6 billion bushels of corn this fall. That number is up 24 percent from last year when the state's yields were decimated by drought conditions.

The average acre is expected to yield 164 bushels, but the drought is still being felt.

"We saw it ease for a period of time, especially over the southeast corner of Nebraska, but since we've seen lack of rainfall here over the last month, month and a half, we've really seen that creep into all portions of Nebraska," said Kelly Brunkhorst, director of research for the Nebraska Corn Board.

Farmers with irrigated fields have been able to keep up for the most part, but dryland fields are feeling the heat.

"As we look at dryland this year, we're going to be up for the most part in regards to production, but when we look at last year, some parts didn't even harvest some of their corn. So we look at an increase in some of the dryland yields, they're going to be up, yet they're still going to be down as we look at averages," said Brunkhorst.

The report from the USDA also forecasts gains in soy bean and sorghum production.