NSP: Use Online Resources, Safe Driving Techniques For Winter Traveling


Drivers in central Nebraska woke up to more than just an inch of snow Sunday morning, making extra caution necessary when out on the roads.

Road crews were out again clearing those couple extra inches of snowfall that piled up over night.

State troopers say they were surprised to see how much snow accumulated out on the highways, and say using extra caution while driving and using the Nebraska Department of Roads website can help drivers get to where they're going safely.

"A lot of that data that's put on that comes from state troopers and Department of Roads giving a road report as day continues -- most of that information comes from us," said trooper Dale Fahnholz. "And you know it can vary; we'll have a pretty good road system, sometimes further on east they'll be worse. Just depends how the weather system passed through."

Trooper Fahnholtz also advises drivers to keep a safe distance from the car in front of you, not to use cruise control, and to always wear a seat belt.