Valentine, Neb. Preparing For Surge of Cards for Valentine's Day


The post office in Valentine, Neb. is ready to receive the incoming surge of Valentine's Day letters from writers seeking a little something extra for their message to a loved one.

This year, a special postmark from the office will feature the words "Love on Valentine's Day... Valentine, NE." The postmark will be available from now until Feb. 15. Each envelope will also receive a hand-stamped message such as "With Love from Valentine, NE" or "Crossroads of the Sandhills."

The post office has providing the special holiday postmark since 1941. They expect to receive around 5,000 requests this year, some from as far away as Japan.

To have the special postmark added to your outgoing Valentine's cards, send the addressed envelope inside a larger envelope to: Valentine's Day Postmark, Postmaster, 239 N. Hall St., Valentine NE 69001-9998.

There is no charge for the postmark, but be sure to include appropriate postage on both envelopes.

Valentine envelopes to be mailed within the U.S. should be received by the Valentine Post Office nolater than February 8. Those for mailing in Nebraska addressesshould be received by February 10.

A new stamp has also been issued by the Postal Service for the holiday and can be seen in this article.