Valley County Makes Video to Encourage More to Stick Around


While many rural towns are dealing with shrinking populations, some are using social media to fight back.

Valley County hopes a special video can encourage its youth to stick around and maybe even get others to move in. The video called "I Love Valley County" hits on the opportunities to live, work, play and give. It's a growing trend for rural communities to show off their roots.

“It's locally roasted," said Guy Lewis of Ord. He and wife Jennifer are owners of Valley Fire Pottery Espresso and Gallery, a shop in the heart of downtown Ord.

"Busy morning with a lot of that, then we get people coming through the day who like to sit down and relax, enjoy the artwork and socialize," said Lewis. This local business is not the only one hoping the video will get more people to visit Valley County.

Members of the community do not talk in the video, but hope their actions speak louder than words. "We can sell our community all we can with words and description but the footage, seeing the people's faces, seeing the store fronts and amazing landscapes that what we felt would sell our community," said Kristina Foth, assistant chamber director for Valley County.

"We really just wanted to share our story, bring people to our community -- whether they are travelers for a week-long vacation or if they are looking for something more permanent and maybe a new place to call home," Foth said of the area that currently boasts a little over 4,000 people.

"We've moved back to be with her family for a while and I'm hooked on the place," said Lewis.

Valley County has seen an increase in 20- to 30-year-olds living in the area and hopes that trend will continue.