Vandal Turns Himself In After Crashing Through Litchfield Fence


Vandals destroy a fence that the community of Litchfield, Neb. came together to build just a few months ago. Now the accused vandal has turned himself in.

It happened around 12:30 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 17.

"I went down and observed that the new fence that they put up around the football field had been vandalized," said Michael Jepsen, deputy sheriff of Sherman County.

And that fence was put up just a few months ago by community members, only now to be partially smashed by a wreckless motorist.

"It was on a Sunday in September, we'd had probably maybe 40-50 people from the community come out and we did a bunch of painting and fixing up around the football field and had a bunch of volunteers put that fence in," said Litchfield Schools principal Jeff Smith.

All that's left now is a broken fence. However, because of the snow on the ground, vandals may have left a few clues to make this case an easy one to solve.

"We knew it was car because part of the bumper and the passenger mirror was left at the scene," said Jepsen.

For now the community can only wait to see what happens.