Offutt AFB Members Show Off Soldier Dogs For Veterans Day


With the observance of Veterans Day, Elm Creek Public Schools hosted local veterans as well as current members of the Offutt Air Force Base to show the students how dogs are used in the military.

These four-legged helpers are tough and are useful military soldiers.

"Our dog's main job overseas is to detect explosives. We go out and clear the roadways for them and clear the villages for them," said Bryan Gudmundson, who has been in the Air Force for 12 years now and is the century dog handler at Offutt AFB.

The role for the dogs is constantly evolving. Stan Brodine served during the Vietnam War in the Air Force and handled dogs on duty during his service.

"They picked us out then we tried out with the dog for two weeks in Georgia and if we weren't scared of the dog or if we could handle him," said Brodine.

Brodine says that the intimidation factor is essential for working with these dogs. "Most people are scared of dogs and so that makes a world of difference," said Brodine.

And for this future generation the demonstration gives them a better understanding of the dog soldiers.