Veterinarians: Ice, Ice Water Not Bad for Dogs

It's a case of "don't believe everything you read."

A story circulating on social media says giving man's best friend an ice cold drink of water could kill.

The often shared story is scaring dog lovers across sites like Facebook. It claims that giving dogs ice or ice water can cause bloating or a twisted stomach.

Veterinarians at Hilltop Pet Clinic say it's simply an urban legend -- they often prescribe ice cubes to accompany small amounts of water after surgery.

"We've had two people come in and ask us wanting to know it's something we need to worry about; it really really isn't, not in terms of bloat," said Hilltop Pet Clinic owner Dr. Roger Neil. "There may not be any real advantage to giving really cold water, but it isn't going to hurt anything either."

Dr. Neil says bloat is a serous issue with many large breeds, but isn't caused by a little cold water.