Vigil for MH17 Held in Grand Island


Nebraskans rallied for a tragedy on the other side of the globe.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was shot down over the Ukraine on Thursday, and Sunday night Nebraskans held a vigil in Grand Island.

A dozen people of all faiths and denominations gathered at Calvary Lutheran Church.

Music, candles and scripture accompanied time to reflect on the hundreds of people killed.

Some shared a need to spiritually support grieving families around the world, others were stirred by the news of prominent AIDS/HIV researchers perishing in the crash.

But all say they didn’t come together to be angry.

“Many of us have the belief that we can create peace in this world and whether it be by prayer or by our actions and we need to be united in that cause and ever vigilant to respond to these kind of attacks in the world,” says Brian Whitecalf of Grand Island.