Visitors Bureaus Hope to Attract Fair-Goers


Some exhibitors at the Nebraska State Fair want visitors to travel well outside the grounds when the festivities are over.

Visitors Bureaus are promoting the best of their communities.

"We're home of the world's largest rail yard," said Holly Huff, with the North Platte Visitors Bureau.

"Burwell is probably the best kept secret in Nebraska," said Betty Essig, a volunteer at the Burwell booth.

Visitors bureaus from across the state are hoping fair visitors will consider a visit to places like North Platte.

"We get people that have heard about some of our annual festivals and things like that or the new attractions, it's great to promote some of those things and get people drawn in," said Huff.

The Nebraska Building is providing a new place to promote tourism at the fair. There, the Edgerton Explorit Center is introducing kids to science and what their facility has to offer.

"A lot of people already know that we're in Aurora and they've seen us before. They're familiar with what we do, but there's a few folks who haven't and so that's part of what we're trying to do out here is to give them a taste," said Dan Glomski, senior educator at Edgerton Explorit Center.

Organizations have access to potentially more than 300,000 fairgoers, but they have to attract those people to their booth.

"I think we have wonderful pictures of the rodeo and Calamas Lake," said Essig.

It’s just one of the ways booths are trying to catch the eyes of fair-goers.