Volunteers Keep the Flavors Flowing at Kool-Aid Days Stand


Between a parade, quickest-drinking contests, games and music, there’s something going on around every corner in Hastings during Kool-Aid Days.

But one place nearly every visitor stops is what’s billed as the world’s largest Kool-Aid Stand.

The chief Kool-Aid mixer, John Bohmfalk, says they’ll serve between 2,500-3,000 gallons of the drink over the weekend.

It takes a steady stream of helpers to mix the 16 flavors four gallons at a time.

“Kool-Aid Days couldn’t exist without the number of volunteers that we have -- and we have people mixing, we have people serving, and then every other event in downtown depends on volunteer help,” says Bohmfalk.

In addition to flavors at the stand, a few others are spread out at smaller stands and made for special events like the quickest-drinking contest.