Volunteers Needed Beyond Pilger


While the community of Pilger works to recover following devastating tornadoes, the need for volunteers extends into other northeast Nebraska communities as well.

Wayne State College is asking for volunteers in Wayne and Dixon Counties.

They estimate two dozen homes in Wayne County received severe damage, with another dozen receiving minor to moderate damage. A dairy was also hit.

Dixon County reports 13 homes were severely hit and the Gardner Growers was as well, with around 140,000 chickens.

Volunteers who wish to help should check in at the Wakefield Fire Hall at 405 Main Street between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily to be assigned a clean-up job.

Volunteers are asked to wear work clothes -- long pants, and sturdy, closed-toed shoes. Volunteers should be at least 19 years old or bring parental consent.

Volunteers who have equipment or can offer specialized skills, such as chainsaw and heavy equipment operation, or with trucks and trailers to haul debris, are asked to call the hotline for placement (402) 287-2574.

Monetary donations may be made to the United Way Fund through the Wayne and Wakefield area banks.