Voter Turnout on Pace but Not Without Problems, Expect Lines


People can expect long lines at polling places across Nebraska this election day.

Turnout is on pace to meet county projections of about 70 percent participation, although it's still too early to tell whether statewide voter turnout will hit the lofty pre–vote projections.

Voters interviewed at five Omaha polling places say they ran into no problems casting their ballots.

Although they are on pace, the elections are not running without occasional problems.

Nebraska democrats say at least two voters at separate polling places in Omaha received ballots that had already been filled out.

The ballots were pre–filled for presidential candidate Mitt Romney and incumbent republican Lee Terry.

The state Democratic Party has called a news conference to give more details about the reported incidents.

Polls close at 8 p.m. and are open across the state today.

Check with your county government website for information on the location of your polling place.