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Last Update 9.15.11

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School Mascot: Warriors

School Colors: Blue/Gold

How many people live in your town? 4,000

What towns are your students from? Wahoo and surround communities

How many students are in your school? 200

How many are in your band? 45

Is your school consolidated? No

How many years has your band been attending the Harvest of Harmony? 4

What songs will the band be playing this year? "Westside Story"

Why did you choose those songs? The difficulty of the rhythms and the kids enjoy it.

What previous awards has your band won? First place in their division last year in the Wayne State College Band Day Parade.

Interesting facts or trivia: Took a 6-day trip to Washington D.C. to march in the National Memorial Day parade last year.

Queen Candidate: None

Drum Majors or Majorettes: Auditions currently underway.

Band Director: Tim Rischling

How long have you been band director? 3 years

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