Walk in the Copes' Shoes Kicks Off


Friday, community members across Kearney celebrated the legacy of Carol Cope. It has been one year since she passed away on her 103rd birthday.

Friday morning, friends of the Cope family visited the cemetery and spent the rest of the day giving back to the community.

Friday and Saturday a Walk in the Copes' Shoes celebration will try to get hundreds of people in the Kearney community to perform acts of kindness.

Examples include: buying shoes for children, paying for strangers' meals at restaurants and planting trees.

"Every place I've gone people have said in the businesses, 'Oh we're so excited we have plans this afternoon or this happened,' so to hear the stories, it's really heartwarming. We know Carol is smiling down on us from up above, seeing Kearney at its best," said Cindy Pickel.

"It's that feeling that you have -- just makes you feel good all over -- and that's what planning this has done, that's what we're seeing -- smiles on the faces of people who are receiving kindness as well as giving kindness," said Carolyn Menke.