Update: Culprits of Walnut Middle School Vandalism Caught


Scared and confused was the general feeling among students and staff after last month's vandalism incident at Walnut Middle School in Grand Island.

The school says they are now happy to announce the culprits have been identified.

Last month's vandalism situation at Walnut concerned many.

And while the damage left behind was concerning, most of all was the hateful message that went along with it.

Broken windows and symbols of hate spray painted on the ground were what students and staff arrived to early one morning in September.

And after over a month long investigation, Principal Rod Foley was pleased to announced the situation had been handled, thanks to the investigation of Officer Josh Lubrano.

"It was a hate crime, was classified as a hate crime because there was a swastika that was painted on the building and also two weeks prior to that there was a swastika and white power that was also spray painted on a fence across the street from Walnut which was geared toward the school," Lubrano says.

Two males, both minors have been charged for the hate crimes.

Surveillance cameras around the school were a big help in finding the culprits.

And Foley says now that the matter has been handled the school can move forward.

"It was also an opportunity to kind of put it to rest and let them know that hey, they got somebody they know what happened and they're not out there to get us anymore. So it was a nice way to put an end to it," he says.

Students at Walnut painted anti–hate messages and murals outside on the school windows earlier last month as a way to speak out against violence.

It's not believed that the two minors being charged have any gang or hate group relations.