Water Jamboree Teaches Importance of H2O


The states of Nebraska and Kansas have a history of not always getting along when it comes to sharing water resources, but children from both states have come together this week to learn about how important H2O is in their daily lives.

The 2013 Water Jamboree is being held at the Harlan County Reservoir April 24-25.

"We're really excited to have so many students here. We have today about 300 students and over 200 tomorrow that will be here to enjoy the day and enjoy the camp but also to learn a lot about water. Students will learn about water quality, water quantity and they're going to learn about the different uses of water," said Linda Dannehl UNL extension educator for Phelps and Gosper Counties.

Officials say making these kids learn all about the importance of water is crucial, especially considering the harsh drought affecting both Nebraska and Kansas.

"Water is a big issue. It's been an issue in this area, and it continues to be an issue to educate our youth. We want to start with them young and talk to them about different uses of water," shared Dannehl.

"What is so incredible is we had a student who was here in the fifth grade and now they are bringing their class back. And they're excited to come back as a teacher bringing their students back; so we are really excited about that," said Dannehl.

The Water Jamboree sponsors include:

- US Army Corps of Engineers
- K-State Research and Extension
- Tri-Basin Natural Resources District
- University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension
- Lower Republican Natural Resources District
- USDA/ Natural Resources Conservation Service
- Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District

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