Weather Delays Corn Planting Season


Nebraskafarmers are forced to take a step back in planting due to recent rain andsnow hitting ground.

Onaverage, corn in Nebraska is usually planted early to mid–April, however belownormal temperatures and the lingering drought are delaying this year's start tothe planting season.

Farmers say the soilis too wet to run a tractor and planter through the field. Soil temperature isa major factor farmers must also consider before getting this year's crop intoground.

"The soiltemperature to plant corn is supposed to be around 50 degrees before corn willgerminate. The last I heard, the soil is below 40 degrees so we still have along way to go before the soil warms up enough to make it good for planting,"said Joel Grams, a Nebraska farmer.

With delayedplanting, farmers may also run into delayed harvesting in the fall, howevereven with a long way to go, they are remaining optimistic.

Grams said, "Ifwe get into the ground here pretty soon I think everything will be fine. Thelater it goes it affects yields a little more then maybe some grain quality, butI still think we produce one of the highest grain quality in the world and it'ssought after worldwide."

On a brighter note, subsoilmoisture has been depleted from last year's drought so Grams said the recentrain makes it nice to go into the planting season with some moisture reserves.