Website Updates Makes Birdwatching and Wildlife Viewing Easier


Good news for local nature enthusiasts...a website focused on bird watching and wildlife viewing has gone mobile.

The "Chicken Dance Trail website is now available on tablets and mobile phones.

It not only offers suggestions on where to view birds and wildlife at places like state parks and wildlife protection areas, but also provides GPS services to those areas.

Officials from the South Platte United Chamber of Commerces wanted a way to promote wildlife viewing in their area.

"There are 250 species of birds in Nebraska. We're in a major fly way, not just for Sandhill cranes, but many other migratory birds," said web co-developer Nancy Herhahn. "And we just want people to know that. Just look in their backyard or get out to the state parks or city parks or county parks and look around."

The site provides information for different topographic regions across South Central and Southwestern Nebraska.

More information can be found on