Weekend ATV Accident Prompts Safety Concerns for Riders


Spring is upon us, and a weekend ATV accident has reminded riders about the importance of safety.

Four wheelers have been made safer through the years offering features like better stability, bigger brakes, and drive components being sealed, but dealers say ATV knowledge is key.

"Unfortunately, things like that happen more often than we like, but I just encourage you to be familiar with your vehicle," said Tri-City Cycle Works Sales Manager Angus Stephens. "Wear the safety equipment and follow the trail guidelines or what not, wherever you're at just be safe."

But even with this weekend's tragic events, ATV death statistics aren't overwhelming, and improvements in riding gear may have something to do with that.

"Safety equipment is getting much better as the years go on, better testing, better materials, stuff like that. That'll protect you a lot better," Stephens said.

Buyers are encouraged to take safety courses before riding, and are required to sign a form stating the dealer offered a training course.