Weekend Chill Poses Danger for Pets and Animals Outdoors


The chill heading in for the weekendcan be an issue for everything from people to pets.

Extreme cold can have a big impact ifyou aren't prepared and this weekend overnight lows could reach 10 below withwind chills as low as minus 30.

When temperatures are sitting at aneven zero degrees, all it takes is 15 mile per hour winds to drop the feel liketemperature to minus 19.

This is where frost bite can occur onexposed skin in just 30 min.

Just because your pets and animalshave fur, it doesn't mean they're protected. Ears, noses and paws are all areassensitive to the cold and can freeze quickly.

The Humane Society says horses inparticular need an almost unlimited supply of food and shelter from extremecold to stay warm. Other pets should be kept warm and indoors.

A good rule of thumb is that if youcan't take the cold, nether can your pets without the proper protection.