Weekend Forecast Cancels Horse Races


Horses and jockeysraced amid the snow and the rain on Friday, but Fonner Park CEO Hugh Miner, Jr.says they won't be chancing it on Saturday or Sunday.

Moisture is not theproblem. Fonner's spring season usuallymeans more than one day of racing in cold, wet conditions, but officials sayfew horsemen were entering for the Sunday racing card because the bitter coldair that's forecasted is hard on horses and riders.

Fonner Park willstill be open for Keno and simulcast racing, but Miner says that's not muchconsolation for the people who make their living on the track.

"It'snot all lost, but by the same token we've got a big family here now with ourhorsemen and our riders and the grooms and everybody associated to racing, andfor them to make their livelihood we have to race," he says.

Minersays Fonner Park would like to make up the two lost days with an extra week ofracing at the end of the season. Thatdecision, however, falls to the horsemen's association.

Theywill have to decide if they want the extra week, or if they'd rather have moretime off before they move on to other states for their racing seasons.