Weekend Storms Wreak Havoc on Area Farmers


Local farmers suffered widespread damage in the wake of Saturday's storms.

High winds packed a punch, knocking over grain bins, tossing pivots and damaging crops along the way. The rainfall that accompanied the storm created flooding and lakes in area fields.

Aurora Cooperative officials say it's a devastating loss for some farmers as they assess where to go from here.

"Crops sustained a loss as well," said Chad Carlson, Aurora Cooperative's V.P. of Grain. "So it's a tough time of the year for the crops to sustain a loss; when you get to the point do you replant, do you let what's out there continue to grow, so we just want to be here for our farmer owners."

Two local elevators, Keene's Aurora Cooperative and Wilcox-based CPI suffered major damage. A grain bin at K.A.A.P.A ethanol near Minden also sustained damage.