Weight Watchers Offers Five Simple Tips for a Successful Year


Losing weight and being healthier are common New Year's resolutions, but they often fail which is why Weight Watchers is offering a few tips to help make the year a success for those who may have struggled in the past.

Weight Watchers is encouraging people to start simple this year by making little changes one day at a time.

Weight Watchers is sharing five simple steps to get things rolling:

  • Startwith one meal: Don't gointo your refrigerator or pantry and throw everything away. Instead, start with one meal or snack at atime so you're not overwhelmed. Break thingsdown to manageable parts; use the new Weight Watchers Simple Start program to narrow things down so it's easy to choose that one meal or snack.
  • Start discovering new foods and foods that make you feel good: Explore healthier options to discover what youlike, what fills you up and what keeps you satisfied longer. Weight Watchers calls these foods "Power Foods."
  • Start setting up your spaces: Set up your food so it's easy tomake the healthy choices that work for you. An example of this would be simply putting thehealthier options at the front of the refrigerator or pantry and the less healthysnacks towards to back.
  • Start scheduling your meals and snacks:Take a look at when you typically eat--do you have a late breakfast, a hurriedlunch, a stress-triggered afternoon snack, and an "I'm bored" evening snack? Schedulingyour meals and snacks can have major benefits, including keeping your hungerand energy levels fairly constant and preventing emotion-spurred eating. An example of healthy snacks to have on hand include: pretzel twists, edamame cooked and shelled, or light microwave popcorn.
  • Start celebrating: Setting and celebrating smallgoals isimportant as those are the changes that yield big results. For example,losing just 5-10 percent of your body weight can produce health benefits, includinglowering blood pressure and cholesterol.

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