Farmer's Group Offers Chance to Win Groceries for a Year


Some Nebraska farmers are offering the chancefor residents across the state to win freegroceries for an entire year.

Nebraskans can register for a chance at one of two grandprizes of $5,000 "Free Groceries for a Year!" courtesy of a group of Nebraska farmers,a veterinarian and a grocer, at

Upon visiting the site, consumers register by "meeting" one of their fellow Nebraskansthrough a short video that shows how each is involved in producing safe, nutritiousand affordable food. Consumers can register with each of the seven featured individualsdaily through April 8, the end of the 90-day program.

The Farmers Feed US websitefeatures corn, dairy, hog, soybean and turkey farmers, as well as aveterinarian and a grocer, each sharing information about the foods theyproduce.

Featured Nebraskans include:

  • Chad Bartek, soybean farmer, Ithaca;
  • Angela Baysinger, veterinarian, Friend;
  • Kyle Cantrell, corn farmer, Anselmo;
  • Dean Engelman, dairy farmer, Jansen;
  • Danny Kluthe, hog farmer, Dodge;
  • Pat Raybould, grocer, Lincoln; and
  • Mike Shinn, turkey farmer, Gibbon

"As Nebraskans, we're thrilled to offerfree groceries for a year to the consumers of our state," said Chad Bartek, a soybeanfarmer from Ithaca, Nebraska, who is a featured farmer on the website."This is an opportunity for us to share what we produce with consumers of the stateand to let them know we share their values - taking care of our families,taking care of our animals and land and giving back to our communities."

Supporting Nebraska agriculture groups include the Alliance for the Future ofAgriculture in Nebraska, Nebraska Soybean Board, Nebraska Pork Producers,Nebraska Corn Board, Midwest Dairy Association and B&R Grocery.