What's Happening- Nebraska Products Show


The largest business and industry show in Nebraska and theMidwest, the 18th Biennial Nebraska Products Show for Business &Industry, is coming to Grand Island for the first time October 3-4.

The show will be held at Fonner Park in the Exhibition Building. Suppliers and vendorswill be able to display their products, materials, and services for area usersand buyers.

"The Nebraska Products Show for Business & Industry hadbeen in Lincoln the previous 32 years. Exhibitors and attendees have wanted ashow in central Nebraska for many years," said Robert P. "Bob"Mancuso, CEO of Mid-America Expositions, Inc., the show's producer.

"The diversity of the products and services that will be ondisplay at Fonner Park, as well as the convenience of finding vendors all inone place, makes the Nebraska Products Show a great showcase for Midwestindustry, alternating with the Omaha Products Show on even numbered years."

The show is sponsored by the Institute of Supply Management- Nebraska Chapter. The Nebraska Chapter has over 300 members who are thepurchasers and buyers for many of the top companies in the state. They willhost the opening luncheon which is being sponsored by the Grand IslandConvention & Visitors Bureau.

The show is targeted at Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota,South Dakota and North Dakota.

Bob Mancuso, Jr., CFO at Mid-America Expositions, Inc.,said, "The expo gives attendees the opportunity to see the latest in creativityand technology. Visitors will see demonstrations, collect literature, compareprices, and become acquainted with new suppliers all at one time."

New at the Products Show will be the Job & CareerPavilion, Technology Pavilion and the Safety, Health, and Wellness Pavilion.These Pavilion's showcase improvements and new products in their respectiveareas. The Products Show Summit will highlight seminars on businesstopics as well as industrial sessions.

For more information, or if you are interested in showcasingyour company and exhibiting at the Nebraska Products Show, call Bob Mancuso,Jr. at 402-346-8003 or e-mail can also visit the website at