What's Right in Your Community: Musical Influences


The sound of a piano is everything for one teacher.

"Music is a so amazing, it can touch lives. When something bad happens, people go to music. When they learn something, they go to music," shared Jeff Vyhlidal, choir and show choir director.

However, going to music is not the only thing he embraces.

"I spend so much time with these kids. I'm here with them more than they are with their own families. I do everything I can to try and get them going on the right paths," stated Vyhlidal.

Vyhlidal is a third-year teacher at Grand Island Senior High. He has gained a reputation from both students and staff after connecting with students on both an educational and personal level.

"He has helped me through a lot actually. I had family problems, and he helped me through that. He has been there a lot for me," said Christian Herrera, GISH sophomore.

"He really tries to take their everyday lives, and put it through his teaching. That way, they can relate it through music," stated Kristin Jerred, GISH and Westridge accompanist.

Vyhlidal says he believes one man put him into the position he is in today.

"I believe I've been called to just love kids. I try to do that the best I can. We all have frustrating days, but God has called me into that position. Not only just to teach music, which is a gift, but to love some of these kids that really need it. That's what I try to do," shared Vyhlidal.

Moving forward, he does not have to try anymore, because students are pleased.

"There is only one-of-a-kind, and he's just one of those people that really care about other people," said Herrera. "He has showed me right from wrong, and has basically helped me through everything."

Everything, big or small, Vyhlidal promises to be there for his students.

"It's an awesome responsibility. I'm super blessed. I feel honored," shared Vyhlidal.