While Refinery Maintenance Continues, Average Gas Price for Nebraska Meets National Average


Gas prices remain on the rise in Nebraska with a nearly two and a half cent increase over the past week, according to, fuel price tracking website.

A report from GasBuddy has the average price for a gallon of gas in Nebraska at $3.50 on Sunday, even with the national average.

"The national average has unsurprisingly continuedit's march higher, and for the sixth consecutive week, motorists have facedrising gasoline prices," said Senior Petroleum AnalystPatrick DeHaan. "While the rate that gasoline prices may slow nationallythis week, I don't yet believe we've seen the peak in prices."

DeHaan explains that refineries are in the middle of maintenance season, which usually wraps up in April. But DeHaan says until they are back online, price spikes can be expected.

Sunday's price was almost 14 cents lower than the same day last year, but reached nearly 24 cents higher than one month ago.