Widespread Flu Outbreak in Nebraska


Nebraska is one of 25 states with a widespread outbreak ofthe flu. Local medical personnel said it is not too late to get a flu shot and vaccinationcould lessen the severity of influenza or help not to contract it entirely.

"The influenza bug has hit, it is here." "On setfever, generally feeling really bad, body aches, upper repertory illness, coughing,runny noses, sore throats, headaches." These can all be symptoms of theflu.

"We have seen the demand of our flu shot increase inthe past month," said Physician's Assistant David Blauvelt from First Carein Kearney.

"Over theholidays you are with more people and in closed areas people don't want to stayhome if they are sick to miss out on the fun," said Director Terry Krohnof Two Rivers Public Health Department out of Holdrege.

All of the medical experts said to stay home if sick, washhands thoroughly and often, cover coughs and sneezes and of course first and formost get the flu shot yearly. "Ifthey do have sudden onset of symptoms I would recommend Tylenol, Ibuprofenthere are multi–symptom that can be used that can help relieve some of theaches and pains that are associated with influenza," said Blauvelt.

"We are starting to see lots of prescriptions forantiviral medications and cough medications," said Jerry Jensen aPharmacist at Medicap in Kearney.

They are however not seeing nearly the numbers of fluviruses as last year, yet.

"We are still seeing this swine flu... but what theyhave done with the vaccination they have incorporated swine flu into thevaccination that they are treating the other h1n3 or h2h1 or those differenttypes of viruses," said Blauvelt.

"The vaccine is a very good match for the viruses thatare surfacing," said Krohn.

Medical Professionals say young adults are being hard hitand added to not forget to "be diligent and wash your hands and cover yourcoughs and sneezes and wash your hands," said Jensen.

Pharmacies can seeanyone from six months of age and older to get a flu shot. If symptoms don'timprove over a five day period, go see the doctor.