Wind Causes Increase in Need for Tree Service


Winds have been strong in Kearney, which has caused an increase in need for a local tree service.

"Normally we get maybe one call a week on some trees, last couple of weeks we have gotten four or five calls a week at least -- definitely an increase," said Daniel Rheome, of Rheome Tree.

Rheome advises people to check the roots of their trees and make sure they are intact. It is very important to check after rainstorms as it's easier for a tree to uproot in wet ground.

"A tree fell right in the house and punched a hole right in the roof," Rheome shared about a house he once worked on. "Once we took the tree off, you could stick your arm right in their house."

Rheome also says it is important to check trees on your property if the wind begins to come from a different direction as such a change could damage a tree.