Windmill State Recreation Area


Windmills provide water in an arid land, and in the same way, the Windmill State Recreation Area is an oasis on Interstate 80.
"Enjoy the park. It's quiet out here, well maintained, and a great camping spot," said Mark Clymer.
The park started in 1971 as part of a chain of lakes to go alongside the interstate.
"These parks along I-80 were mostly designed to pull off interstate traffic, and most of our
during the week traffic is from out of state. Most of our weekend traffic is from central Nebraska," Clymer explained.
Three on-site windmills add history and character to the spot where travelers of today and yesterday stopped.
"A gentleman here in Gibbon, Nebraska had purchased an old, antique windmill. It was a
railroad windmill they put together and that's how Windmill Rec Area got its start."
40,000 folks visit each year to enjoy the eight lakes for fishing, biking, and hiking.
"There's something for everyone to do. Little kids can bike, a lof them like to come to this dock and fish. Mom and dad can sit under the tree and relax a little bit," Clymer said. "We're easy access and right in the middle of the state. Fifteen minutes from Kearney, thirty from Grand Island and Hastings and two hours from Lincoln. It's a great place to come to."
Windmill State Recreation Area is open year round. One lake stocked with trout is a real popular spot for ice fishing.
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