Winery Presses On After Fire


By Connie Weight Twitter @ntvconnieweight

Five weeks after a fire destroys a popular winery, owners are in the middle of grape harvest and trying hard to press forward.

Last month, an empty shell is all that was left of the Miletta Vista Winery and personal home of the owners. Now it's the middle of grape harvest, the rubble is gone, salvaged tanks and parts are being cleaned, and Central City's Prairie Creek Winery is assisting with harvest.

Owners know they have a lot to do, but have faith with what the future holds.

"You kinda analyze some of the information that's coming down the pike and you say 'Omigosh how are we ever gonna try to make this happen again', so I know there's a lot of things, a lot of challenges that we have to overcome," said winery co-owner Mick McDowell. "But with the Good Lord's grace and everybody's support we hope to be able to do it."

Miletta Vista owners hope to resume their own harvesting process on their own property by the end of the week, with new wines out by the holidays.