Winter Driving Tips


Not all the roads in the tri-cities were clear one day after the biggest snow fall of the year. Snow and slush covered the streets making driving a little more dangerous.

Transportation Safety Manager Brandon Benitz encourages drivers to slow down, because traction on the roads is not the same as a normal day. A driver also has to expect to take longer to reach his or her destination.

In normal conditions a driver should be four seconds behind the car in front of them, in icy conditions it is advised to take at least seven seconds.

Additionally, checking and cleaning the headlights of a car before every trip can help prevent an accident. "Anytime that you have any kind of slush or smudge on your headlights, that can reduce your headlight's visibility up to 90 percent," said Benitz.

If a driver's car skids, the first thing to do is take the foot off the gas. Second step is to pump the brakes or apply the anti-lock brake system. Finally steer into the skid and look in the direction you want to go in.