Wolf Mix & Dozens of Chickens Pack Already Full Shelter


The head of the Central Nebraska Humane Society is working a long week. She's on chicken patrol after authorities say 100 were found in the back of an SUV in Grand Island Friday morning.
About 50 chickens survived, according to CNHS Executive Director Laurie Dethloff. On Saturday, the staff had collected about a dozen eggs from the education room half filled with birds.
"The sheer number is nothing that we've ever dealt with before," she said.
Now their home is at the humane society until the shelter can figure out where they can stay while their owner's criminal case continues. Luis Motola-Palacio, 36, is charged with second offense DUI and driving under suspension. Grand Island police said they have also referred Motola-Palacio to the Hall County Attorney's Office for animal abuse.
Dethloff said they're drinking and eating well as they recover.
"We won't be able to keep them here," she said.
Dethloff said a local farmer has volunteered to host the chickens if okayed by the attorney's office. Dethloff said the chickens will likely be at the shelter through Monday.
On the opposite end of the already full shelter is a wolf dog mix named Kona.
"We haven't clued him in that there are any chickens in the building," said Dethloff.
Since being surrendered to the shelter last week, staff have been working with wolf sanctuaries across the country to find Kona a home.
"We know how to do dog and cat adoptions. They know what these hybrids need; and so we're relying on the network that they have and the people that they trust," said Dethloff.
She said caring for these animals is just another day at the office.
"This happens on a regular basis. We're either dealing with horses, we're dealing with goats, we have reptiles," said Dethloff.
That's why Dethloff says it's important to know the rules before you buy an animal.
"Always know what your city codes are. If there aren't city codes, there are state laws," she said. "You really need to understand what that animal needs. What is its diet? Is there veterinary care? What's the exercise? What's the temperament?"