Woman Accused in Deadly Crash Arrested following Robbery

Sebastian Camper

A robbery attempt in Grand Island resulted in three arrests, bringing to justice a woman wanted for motor vehicle homicide.
Grand Island police said Sebastian Camper kicked in a man's door and tried to steal his TV.
The residence was on Warren Lane, a dead end street in northeast Grand Island.
On Monday, the county attorney filed four charges against camper for robbery, possession of a deadly weapon by a felon, possession of a concealed knife, and criminal mischief.
Hall County Attorney Mark Young said it was "a serious crime of violence."
Bond was set at $75,000.
Racquel Hamilton is accused of driving the getaway car. She was charged with aiding and abetting robbery and also operating a vehicle to avoid arrest. Prosecutors said Hamilton drove Camper to and from the robbery and later took off at a high rate of speed to avoid police.
When officers caught up with Hamilton, they were surprised to find Britteney Baker in the car.
She's wanted on a warrant for motor vehicle homicide.
Police said previously that Baker was under the influence of drugs when she killed a motorcyclist this summer.
Donald McCarville, 80, was killed in June after he was struck on a road outside Grand Island.
Baker had been released on bond to get treatment, but failed to show up to court last week.
She appeared on court by video from jail. She sat with her tattooed arms on a table, holding her head in her hands.
She was arrested after police saw her with Hamilton pumping gas. They apparently took off on the officer because they were wanted.
However, Hamilton was not charged in connection to the attempted robbery.