Woman Pays Meal For Every Customer


Waitressesand cooks were working on their lunch buffet at Sapp Brothers in Odessa when awoman walked in and did something they will never forget.

"Alady just walked up to the cash register and said that she wanted to pay foreveryone's meal and we were like ok which tables, and she's like no all thetables. Our jaws dropped of course, ok if you are serious," said waitress TokenBrown.

Thewoman who wants to remain anonymous paid $574 to cover everyone's bill. Cookexplains why she did this act of kindness.

"Shejust felt like God told her to come in and pay for everybody's meal and pay itforward. Kind thing to do it was quite a blessing," said Brown.

Thiswoman spent more than 500 dollars on customers' bills she gave fantastic tipsto the waitresses, she even tipped the cooks.

"Itfelt pretty good, give me as much money for the kids by them presents forChristmas. I wish there more of them, pretty nice," said cook Casey Hoffmen.

Thenice gesture brought joy throughout the restaurant.

"Someof the customers were in tears myself was in some tears, when she was tellingme what to do you're going to make me cry, so sweet to have that act ofkindness," said Brown.

Onewaitress says in her 20 plus years of working there she has never seen acustomer pick up everyone's tab.