Woman Sells Safety At Annual Motorcycle Show


A Nebraska woman is using her own experience to try to prevent others from being victims of an attack.

Denise Winton knows all the statistics, like one in five women will be attacked in their lifetime.

She says she comes to events like the Hastings Motorcycle Show to do something about it.

Winton says it's her own attack that pushed her to start selling stun guns, batons and pepper spray.

"It was about a year after I had been attacked that we started selling this," said the co-owner of L& D Collectibles in Lincoln.

Winton says she knows they work, because of the thank you's she gets at shows like this.

One man told Winton he bought a stun gun for his granddaughter whose door was kicked in soon after.

"She picked up her stun gun and charged after him and he fled her apartment," said Winton. "Hearing stories where have actually used it, where it did come in handy, it makes me feel good because if we hadn't done this what could have happened to somebody?"

She says business has been good at the annual Hastings Motorcycle Show and Swap Meet, where the promoter picks a different charity to support every year.

This year it's fellow motorcyclist Stuart Samuelson.

"Gentlemen that got hit by a deer on his motorcycle at about 60 miles per hour. [He] tried to clear him and [the deer] hit him in the head with his hoof," said promoter Jeff Allen.

Allen says Samson has six to eight months of recovery ahead.

It's causes like this, the promoter says, motorcyclists turn out for.

"A fair percentage of riders are veterans, retired military, current active duty, doctors, lawyers, teachers, just every cross group in the country so we just go out to help people," he said.

Allen says hundreds of people came out for the event this weekend, but next year they'll be moving the show to April to avoid Husker game days.