Women in Ag Have the Chance to Learn More and Get Together at Conference


Nebraskawomen can learn how to care and plan for their farms and ranches, theircommunities, their families and themselves at the 29th Women in AgricultureConference.

Thelongest-running women's conference of its kind in the country will take place Feb.20-21 at the Kearney Holiday Inn.

Thetheme of this year's conference is "Women: Making the CriticalDifference," and it features a variety of workshops, "funshops"and speakers, including Jolene Brown and Chuck Hibberd, UNL Extensiondean.

Brownwill be the keynote speaker Thursday morning with her talk, "It's a JungleOut There! Blazing New Trails for Agriculture." Hibberd will be thefeatured lunchtime speaker as he presents "100 Years of Extension!"The nation is celebrating the 100 anniversary of the Smith-Lever Act in 2014.

OnFriday, the morning keynote will be UNL Extension Educators Connie Hancock,Jenny Nixon and Cheryl Burkhart-Kriesel, who will speak about "All for theLove of Food." This will look at why more people seem to be talking aboutfood and where it comes from and how this impacts the agriculture industry onboth a domestic and global level.

Theconference will conclude with lunch on Friday and capstone speaker Terri"Jo" Bek, professor of animal science at the Nebraska College ofTechnical Agriculture. She will present "Pass it on" which willdiscuss passing on not only land to the next generation but an attitude aswell.

Inbetween speakers, conference-goers can choose from more than 30 workshopsspread over five sessions during the event. Topics include crop and livestockmarketing, financial planning, farm bill updates, crop and forage insurance,agronomy, beef nutrition, business readiness and an opportunity for livestockproducers to obtain Nebraska Quality Beef Certification.

Thursdayevening includes funshops for apps, slow-cooker meals and yoga and the eveningprogram will be provided by Gayle Becwar, magician.

Thoseinterested can register online at,call 402-472-1772 or 800-328-2851 or mail a completed registration form to UNLEvent and Conference Planning, 7 Ag Communications Building, Lincoln NE68583-0918.

Early-birdregistration fee is $100 for those registering by Feb. 7. Beginning Feb. 8, thefee is $120. Workshop materials, registration and meals are included in thecost.

Theconference is sponsored by the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources,University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension and the Department of AgriculturalEconomics as well as Farm Credit Services, Reinke Irrigation, Nebraska Farm Bureauand USDA Risk Management Agency.

Lodgingis available at the Kearney Holiday Inn, 110 2nd Ave. by calling 308-237-5971.

Formore detailed information about Women in Ag, visit