Wood Tick Season is Back


In Central Nebraska it's never shocking to see wood ticks out this time of the year.

But due to wetter conditions and a higher volume of ticks, tick related illnesses can also be more common.

The Centers of Disease Control warns that even in the comforts or your own back yard, wood ticks can be found lurking.

"Well you always think of it when you're going into grassy or wooden areas, but it's one of the things you don't always think about when you're in town. You might just be going out in the yard with your dog, or gardening or something casual," says Marsha Carlson, a public health nurse at Two Rivers Public Health Department.

Performing daily tick checks on yourself, as well as pets is always recommended after being out in grassy areas.

Shacking out your worn cloths and removing ticks immediately are also important.

"What the CDC recommends is just taking and getting as close as you can to the injection site at where the tick is attached. And get close and pull it off. Even taking just a tiny bit of skin with it making sure. I always like to make sure the legs move after so I feel like I've got it all. And then you can always clean the site and maybe put some alcohol on the site," she goes on to say.

The Department of Health has already had two confirmed cases of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever this season, due to wood ticks.

See a healthcare provider if you or someone you know is experiencing a prolonged high fever, headaches, chills or rash.