Work Progresses on Hastings Truck Route


In just over a month a new truck route around Hastings should be completely finished, but roads officials say part of it will open on Monday.

The $3 million project basically moves the current truck by-way farther north. Right now traffic has to make small sharp turns onto 26th Street and Showboat Blvd. to get between Highway 281 and Highway 6 without going through the city.

The new by-way will connect 42nd Street to Showboat with a wide sweeping curve, something the county hopes stops accidents and congestion.

“The traffic on a daily basis is over 6,000 vehicles and the truck count on there is like 15-20 percent of that, which is high on a rural road,” says Adams County Highway Superintendent Dawn Miller.

Miller says the Showboat Blvd. portion of the project is finished and set to open August 4. Cars and trucks still won’t be able to use the whole truck route until September, but it should improve things for local traffic.