Workers Revitalize Lexington One Brick at a Time


Lexington is less than a month away from finishing phase two of their downtown revitalization project.

Tuesday, painters put the finishing touches on just one of the projects that Lexington has
planned for their downtown area. The town qualified for phase one and two of the Community Block Development Grand Fund. Over the past few months, construction has been occurring all over town to revamp the area.

"Downtowns are aging," Lexington city manager, Joe Pepplitschh said. "We're looking into pumping a little bit more life into those areas and making them more vibrant for the future."

Downtown Lexington will have a new parking lot, decorative planters, a projection board
and much more. Phase two is expected to be completed by early November. Over the course of 10
years, the town hopes to receive more grants to completely revitalize the downtown area.

Several small towns across the area also qualified for the grant including Holdrege, Elwood, Cozad and Gothenburg.

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