Working Blacksmith Shop Help Museum Visitors Forge New Memories


A Kearney man who started his career as a blacksmith in the 1950s has turned his passion into living history for all to enjoy.

Jerry Marlatt uses his original tools to make creations out of fire, water and steel. Sunday, he and his fellow craftsman hosted an open house to kick off their new summer season at Kearney's Trails and Rails Museum.

This fully functioning shop was built from the ground up to resemble a blacksmithing shop from the 1900s.

"We like to show what we can do, what we used to do," said blacksmith Jerry Marlatt. "And we've had a lot of children in the school systems come through here and it teaches them things they'd never get to see any other way."

Presentations like this at the J.C. Marlatt Blacksmith Shop will be presented at different special events at the museum. The next one is the Wagons West Celebration on June 28.