World Food Day Brings Light to Worries About Current, Future Food Needs


World Food Day is Wednesday, Oct. 16. It is a day for people across the country to take action against hunger.

With the world population expected to grow to 9 billion people, experts in agriculture say people should worry about having enough resources to feed everyone.

Kansas State University Dean of Agriculture John Floros saysin the next 50 years the U.S. will need to produce as much food as has ever been produced in the nation's history.

That's why agriculture experts are trying to find ways tomake the most out of the nation's limited resources.

Floros says some of today's major agricultural issues are: fighting plant and animal disease, increasing yields, water resources and good waste.

Floros says food waste is a huge issue in the industry, with about 40 to 50 percent of the crop is being lost or wasted between field and fork.

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