World Leaders Camp Offers Global Awareness Opportunity for UNK Freshman


The Office of Study Abroad is hosting the World Leaders Camp for selectedincoming freshmen at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, and applicationsare being sought.

The free camp will take place July 22-26, and will expose freshmen tointernational issues in a fun way while promoting cultural awareness. Studentswill also learn about UNK's Study Abroad programs and meet UNK faculty membersbefore the fall semester begins. Fifteen students will be selected for the campand the application deadline is July 5. Students can apply at

Bradley Rediger, graduate assistant for the Office of Study Abroad, said theWorld Leaders Camp is a valuable opportunity.

"I believe this event is great for any incoming freshman who is globallyconscious and likes learning through interactive activities and experiences,"he said. "Perhaps best of all, participants will have the opportunity to makegreat friends before move-in day in August."

Participation is free and open to all incoming UNK freshmen. Students whoattend the camp will receive on-campus lodging plus three meals each day. Allof the transportation associated with the camp and admission to events andexhibits is provided. Students will also have the opportunity to experienceprofessional intercultural seminars as well as international activities andfield trips.

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