York County Commissioners Accused of Age Bias


YORK, Neb. (AP) -- An 89-year-old man has been reappointed to the York County Veterans Committee after being called too old by one of the county commissioners.

The reappointment of Don Jones came up at the Board of Commissioners meeting on July 9. Commissioner Tom Shellington rejected the proposal, saying Jones was "too old" and "not capable." Commissioners tabled the matter until Tuesday's meeting.

On Tuesday the county veterans service officer, Don Sandman, and veterans committee member Chuck Byers raised objections to what they viewed as age bias by the board. Byers said "this reeks of age discrimination."

In response to a question, Shellington repeated that he thought Jones was too old to serve

Shellington's was the lone vote against Jones when the board voted 4-1 to reappoint him.

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