York Grocery Grab More Than Just a Shopping Spree


How much grocery shopping could you get done in five minutes? A York woman took home over $1,000 worth in that time thanks to a scholarship fundraising effort.

This is the second year the York Rotary Club has done a Grocery Grab. They sell raffle tickets for a chance to win a short shopping spree through Grand Central Foods, then use the proceeds to fund community causes.

With her sneakers laced up, and after choosing a cart without a bum wheel, Cindy Grooms was ready to be the 2014 Grocery Grabber. Shopping sprees aren't the norm for Grooms who says her boss actually bought her the winning raffle ticket from Rotary.

"He just said to fill them out, if you win, he said, 'good luck!'" says Grooms.

But with five minutes on the clock and a game plan in place, Grooms didn't need much luck filling her cart.

"I was going for the meats," she says. "Meats and cheeses."

Grooms racked up over $1,100 in groceries, and Rotary Club Past President Benjamin Royal says they made more than that in ticket sales with plans to put those proceeds in their scholarship fund.

"We give them to high school students who apply," says Royal.

Grooms says she's happy to be a part of that cause.

"With the prices, the way colleges and everything are nowadays, I think it's very good," says the mom of three.

Besides scholarship funding, Rotary also gives to the local food bank, an opportunity that Grand Central Foods makes available to all their customers in the checkout line. So whether it's the grocery grab or a regular day at the store, the Rotary says they're all trying to help fill needs in the York area.

"That's why we're involved with the service club that we're in, and it makes us feel good that we're able to do those things and give back to our communities," says Royal.

Grooms says she'll have to make room in her freezer for all of her winnings, and she expects to have a lot of family planning to come over for Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.

She didn't quite top last year's winner who pushed about $1,300 worth of groceries out the door.